What Motivates You?

For as long as I can remember I have had this drive inside of me. I could never sit still and always wanted to learn, do, have, be more. People would always come up to me and say, “Sarah you are so lucky.” I didn’t understand why they would say this to me. I never believed in luck. As I look back now I realize that those people that said that to me didn’t see or understand all of the countless hours of hard work I put into learning that skill or that it took all of my energy and dedication for a period of my life.

What I didn’t understand is why I always sold myself short and quit right before reaching my goals. Didn’t I love what I was doing? Didn’t I just spend every waking hour for the last two or three years dedicating my heart and soul to my craft? Yes, of course I did! Whether it was learning how to oil paint / draw or training to become a fitness model. I have never put limits on myself as to the type of skill or the amount of time to learn it. What I did put limits on was becoming successful at it.

When I was younger I always looked up to people in my life. Let’s just say some of those people placed a negative reaction to my successful outcome. As a child and young adult I created a belief that I was not good enough or worthy of my success’. I came to this realization after many hard lessons and I am now aware of what holds me back.

Here the thing, you would think that with this acknowledgement of my limiting beliefs I would somehow figure out how to reverse it. This is not true. I still continue to repeat this pattern in my life that was created in my childhood. Do I know I am doing it? Yes. You see the longer the habit has been around it is harder for me to break.

What Motivates Me.

In the last year and a half I have learned a lot about myself and how to keep myself accountable to making changes. This is one of the many reasons I wanted to create this blog – to share my struggle and to share my triumphs! It is perfectly ok to be on your own journey and have many ups and downs. What matters most is that you take each as a lesson and keep moving forward.

I will share all kinds of triumphs and struggles over the next while. I have been through a lot and I hope that by me sharing my story I help you move forward too.

I want to help create conversations so if there is something you would like me to talk about contact me and I may just make it my next blog post.


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